About Us

George’s Construction, LLC

George’s Construction, LLC is a family owned and operated business founded in Louisville, KY. Our unrivaled quality, quick responses, and cost effective solutions make our services distinctive. Though we founded our business in 2015, our experience traces back more than two decades ago. As a team of experienced engineers, we came together and formed George's Construction, LLC.

Our values of integrity, diligence, honesty, and innovation are at the center of our business culture. George’s Construction, LLC is attentive to details, and takes your ideas into consideration to build the property that you have always envisioned. Indeed, we never settle for less than what the client deserves.

We are the most sought- after general contractors! George’s Construction, LLC is always aiming towards excellence to offer you a better service. Our crew uses the best construction techniques, tools, and materials, to complete the job with utmost quality. George’s Construction, LLC doesn’t leave a site until your satisfaction has been achieved.



Our Mission

Our mission at George’s Construction, LLC is to build structures that offer functionality, comfort, and modernity. Our main goal is to take your dream property from concept to creation at a great price.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing George’s Construction, LLC is the equivalent of choosing professionalism, quality construction, and beautiful finishes at prices that don’t exceed your budget.

Our Vision

Our vision at George’s Construction, LLC is to become the leaders in construction solutions in Louisville and surrounding areas by offering quality workmanship, timely solutions, and affordable prices.